how to grow medical marijuana easily and economically                                    

Lazy Hydroponics is primarily designed for the first time/novice grower who wants to save money, be more self-sufficient and assure themselves of having a constant supply of their favorite strain.  If you want to dedicate your life to growing the perfect strain of medical marijuana, this website is NOT for you.  

However, if you are thinking of getting into hydroponics because medical marijuana is getting too expensive, or too inconvenient, then this site will get you harvesting in six months or less.  And from then on, if you do what we tell you to do, you'll never need to buy medical marijuana again.

For less than the price of an ounce of your favorite weed, you can be the proud owner of a hydroponic system, or what we call a starter kit.   Your first harvest (which will happen just about four months from placing your starter kit order with us) will more than pay for your hydroponic starter kit.  And you'll no longer have to stand in line at your marijuana pharmacy only to discover they've run out of your favorite strain.

With our hydroponic starter kits, you'll easily harvest around four ounces of your favorite marijuana variety every four months.  And that's if you're a dyed in the wool black-thumb gardener.  Depending on your medical needs, this should be enough to keep you in medical marijuana on an ongoing basis.  Now, just to be clear here, we're talking about indoor gardening in a relatively small space.  In fact our hydroponic starter kits require only eight square feet of floor space but have an incredible 40 cubic feet of growing space. 

Our starter kits are built around our high quality grow tent.  With indoor gardening, it's essential that you control "night" and "day" if you expect to have your plants flower, and the easiest and cheapest way to do that is with a grow tent.  All of our starter kits share this grow tent and offer different lighting source and grow area configurations.  Depending on your budget and growing needs, we have a starter kit designed for you--and if we don't you can build your own to your custom specifications.

Best of all, once you've paid for the hydroponics system, your per harvest expenses (electricity and nutrients) should not exceed $100.  Not bad for up to four ounces of buds. In other words, your medical marijuana is going to cost you about $25 an ounce, even if you're a terrible gardener.  If you develop a green thumb you'll harvest more and your cost per ounce will be even less, possibly way less.  Best of all, is you'll always have your favorite strain(s). 

We've compiled our own step-by-step medical marijuana growing guide for dummies like you and me who only care about growing enough to get us through the night.  Hydroponics for Dummies is not for indoor growing purists or commercial scale growers, it's just some real-world methods that absolutely work and are perfect for the person who wants to grow enough to be self sufficient and doesn't want to put more than ten minutes a week into it.

We've been using, testing and reviewing hydroponic products for the last several years.  We found ourselves unsatisfied with everything we found on the market; so we developed our own hydroponic starter kits to be economical, easy to use and complete with everything you need to get started--making them perfect for the beginner.  We thing they are the best hydroponic starter kits on the market.

We're currently testing a few high priced, mass production hydroponic systems and conducting side-by-side comparisons with different hydroponic nutrients as well.  In the works are comparison between LED vs CFL vs Metal Halide lighting and a  'clinical' trial on soil vs. water--which does better indoor grows? When we like something we let you know.  Our aim is to make your first grow a stunning success.


For more information and to visit our hydroponics blog.