Hydroponics for Dummies strives to provide you with accurate and field tested information for the newbie, do-it-yourself, home grower.

Hydroponics can be used successfully for many a crop.  This website is primarily concentrated on growing medical marijuana for your own individual use.

After decades of unsuccessful attempts to grow marijuana through traditional gardening methods in areas as diverse as Boston, Massachusetts and Honolulu, Hawaii we were pretty much convinced we were doomed to be a signature member of the black thumb plant killers society.

In late 2009, we decided to give hydroponics a try.  We also decided to start our growing efforts with clones, instead of seeds.  In the approximately 12 months since we've enjoyed four successive crops; some indica, some sativa.  The quality has been at least as good as what's available from the medical marijuana pharmacies.

We have attempted to present our findings on this website, to help you obtain the status of green thumb grower.  From time to time we will update this website as new products come on the market and get tested.  We stand behind the products we recommend, in fact we use them ourselves all the time.

Happy Growing.