Although people have come to realize that learning to grow weed at home is fairly easy, many do not understand that they can grow the ultimate, which is hydro weed.  Not only will the plants grow faster in a hydroponics system, but there isn’t any down time for transplant shock when the plant begins to mature.  Try an interesting experiment.  Use the hydro method for one plant and use the traditional soil planting for the other.  Don’t be surprised if the plant in the soil takes nearly twice as long to mature!  Most times this is because as the plant matures it becomes root-bound which slows down the growth of the plant.

The easiest systems of hydroponics are the wick system and the reservoir systems.  Although there really isn’t any real ‘system’ such as a pump and drain, the basic premise is that the water will wick to where you need it to go.  Of course, to be done correctly, holes need to be cut in the pots after the wicks are cut and placed inside.  Don’t forget, to grow properly, there has to be a spacer at the bottom to keep the plants above the reservoir of water below the plant.

The reservoir system to grow hydro weed is less work than the wick system and a lot easier to set up and maintain.  Place in a kitty litter size tray that has sides of at least 4” high, the plant containers.   Fill each individual container 1/3 up from the bottom with clay beads.  Add a hydroponics mix of vermiculite-perlite peat moss up to the top.  Now place each container in the tray.  Pour hydroponics nutrient water solution into the tray so that ¼ of the container is immersed in water.

In order to get more budding in less time, these methods are best used in a greenhouse or indoors. When using the hydro method, you can water your plants daily which will cause them to grow even faster.  Both of the above methods are made to hold moisture and drain much better than soil planting so over-watering problems that affected your plants in the past, is just that, in the past.  With the wick and reservoir passive methods, there is no need to worry about mineral buildup in the soil or lack of root oxygen.

Lastly, because of the nature of this method, you can use smaller containers than if you were growing in soil.  With hydroponics, a plant can grow in a ¾ gallon pot and it will not need to be repotted.  That plant can go from seed to maturity in that same container.  That is impossible when your plant is in soil because as it matures, it gets root-bound.  Because hydro weed gets its nutrients through the nutrient water and the medium used allows the oxygen to be distributed throughout the entire plant, a plant becoming root-bound is very rare.