The Grow Daddy Grow Box from Hydroponics Group  is a complete solution for advanced growers.  It has everything you need.  Partnered with Grow Pod Master Controller, your Grow Daddy represents the finest in stealth design (it looks like a fine piece of furniture) and automation with set-it-and-forget-it automation. Made of attractive cedar wood (available in clear and ebony stain) with high reflective inner surfaces your Grow Daddy will produce amazing grows.  The reservoir sits on a shelf that's nearly the height of a standard desk meaning no more aching backs from tending to floor level plants.   This deluxe hydroponics system is for those who are serious about growing.

best grow box

What makes the Grow Daddy Grow Box special and worth consideration is the amount of automation it uses to monitor lighting and feeding.  With 70 cubic feet of growing area, nearly double comparable grow boxes on the market, it truly is a unique solution to indoor growing.  It is set up and partitioned with room for well over 100 clones in the separately-lit lower cloning area.