If you're fixing to get more involved in hydroponics and looking to maximize your crops we suggest you save your money and wait until you can afford the Grow Daddy Triple Threat.  Consisting of two Grow Daddy Grow Boxes, one Bud Buddy Grow Box and one Grow Pod Master Controller, this grow kit provides almost 200 cubic feet of growing area and fits with any decor.

The Grow Daddy Triple Threat Includes:
  • Two Grow Daddies (grow boxes)
  • One Bud Buddy (for one or two mother plants)
  • One Grow Pod Master Controller to manage lights and water and air
  • Three 400 Watt MH bulbs 
  • Twelve Air Stones
  • Three Water Pumps
  • Complete Supply of Nutrients
  • Complete Supply of Accessories
Grow Daddy Grow Boxes

The Big Daddy Triple Threat is a fully automated, continuous grow hydroponics system that is easy to use:
  1. Grow and keep 2 mother plants in your Bud Buddy
  2. Room for hundreds of clones in lower growing area of Grow Daddy and Bud Buddy grow boxes
  3. Let your clones take hold (7-10 days)
  4. Move your best clones into the Grow Daddy Grow Boxes for 7-10 days under 18 or 24 hour lights
  5. Switch to 12/12 light/dark
The Grow Daddy Triple Threat has lots of options to choose from, is very well built and tested.  It is a top of the line hydroponics system designed for big grows.