Frequently Asked Questions About LED Grow Lights

People that are trying hydroponics for the first time with LED grow lights often have many questions related to using the lights in the best and most beneficial manner. LED grow lights are an exceptional way to grow your plants indoors while giving you the greatest results from your efforts. Some of the common questions people ask about LED grow lights:

1.    How Much water? - Since the LED grow lights don't give off a great amount of heat, the plants will not need as much water as with conventional lighting. Lights that do, like fluorescent lighting, cause the plants to dry out faster, which means they need more water. As soon as you get a schedule going, watering your plants will come second nature . 

2.    What's the Right Temperature? - When you take into consideration that LED grow lights don't out off tons of heat, it is important that you always monitor the temperature of your plant's roots. This can enable you to be able to tell if your plants are growing at the right rate. The temperature needs to be between 70-80 degrees, and this is more crucial when it is cold out. The cold weather will cause your plants to grow a little more slowly. By keeping the correct temperature of the plant's roots, you can be certain your plants will grow at the fastest rate.

3.    How much fertilizer to use? - Since you are using LED grow your plants, they will not need as many nutrients as with other lighting methods. This is due to the fact that less heat being put off means less evaporation of the water that gives nutrients to the plants. For LED grow lights, start with about one-half the amount suggested by the manufacturer. 

4.    LED Grow Light Mounting? - It is important that you mount your LED lights approximately 12 inches away from your plants if using the LED grow light right overhead. While LED grow lights assuage the heat concerns of other lights, if they are placed too close to the plants, the light won't have enough room to spread and light your plants evenly. The manufacturer of the lights will have suggestions you can follow about the proper distance to mount your lights.   

5.    How long to run lights every day? - If you are trying to determine the optimal amount of time in which to keep your LED grow lights on each day, ask your local nursery to tell you what the recommended dark time is correct for the type of plants you are growing. There are some plants that require dark to enable them to get the rest they need. However, there have been certain studies that suggest running the light all the time can increase the growth of your plants.