The success of your hydroponic growing efforts depend on many things.  One of the main keys for success is the timing of the lighting cycle.  24 or 18 hours of light daily for vegetation and 12 hours of light daily (followed by 12 hours of total darkness) for flowering.  Without some sort of a timer, it can be very inconvenient to schedule your day around turning the lights off and on.

The simplest form of hydroponic controllers are various garden timers.  These can be set fairly precisely and work fine.  However, they invariably lead to a tangled kluge of wiring as most garden timers have only one socket you can plug into.  This can prove inconvenient when you have three or four lights, plus fans, plus irrigation that you want to have controlled by the timer.

A well thought out alternative is the Grow Pod from Hydroponics Group.  The Grow Pod controller has ten separate sockets, that can be separately controlled (run on different schedules), to handle virtually all of your timing needs for two concurrent growing cycles.  For instance, you can have one grow box running 24 hours on (18/6 schedule if you prefer) for the vegetation phase and another grow box running on a 12/12 schedule for the flowering phase, all timed automatically and hands free by Grow Pod.
Grow Pod Controller


  • Computerized Timer with Mulitple Outputs
  • 400 W Digital Ballast
  • 400 MH bulb and
  • 400 HPS Bulb
  • Circulation Fan timed
  • Intake Fan times
  • Exhaust fan timed
  • Carbon Filter Automatic
  • Cool Tub Fan
  • Air pump 24 hrs
  • Water Pump Timed
  • CFL outputs timed
  • CO2 output timed
  • Irrigation Timed

The Grow Pod is a unique product niche that has recently become popular among small growers looking to expand to a staggered growing cycle (ie. two crops at once; one in vegetation mode and the other in flowering mode). 

The Grow Pod can best be described as an automated controller unit.  It contains two ballasts to power your Mercury Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights.  In addition, it contains 18/24 switchable and computerized timers to control lighting, fans, water, air and CO2.   It's a complete set it and forget it controller for up to two growing systems or grow boxes.  The Grow Pod's convenience and peace of mind costs about $1500.

grow pod hydroponic controller

We've found that the less you have to worry about timing, schedules and the like, the more successful your growing efforts will be and the more you will savor and enjoy your crop.