We started out to find the perfect hydroponic kit for first-time growers, but grew frustrated by not being able to find what we wanted.  There are some great starter kits out there, but none met our expectations.  So we decided to design our own perfect hydroponic kit for the first-time grower, which we call our CFL Starter Kit.

Best Hydroponic Starter Kit

The CFL Starter Kit includes:
  • Grow Tent:  Unless you have a closet, or other area inside your house, that you can make light proof, you're going to need a grow tent.  Fortunately, the CFL Starter Kit includes a grow tent that measures 48" x 23" x 60"h--eight squre feet of floor space and 40 cubic feet of growing area.
  • Growing Area: Contains four hydro tubs.  Just add dirt.  At the bottom of each tub is a hydroponics reservoir that feeds water and nutrients up to your plants roots.
  • Do CFL LIghts need reflectorsCFL Lights: Low heat 85W compact fluorescent bulbs.  This kit come with three bulbs and cords with light sockets on them.  There are no reflectors (see photo).  Also included are yo-yo hangers, but I just drape the cord over the grow tent frame and hold in place with a clothespin. 
  • Heavy Duty Timer:  I use 18/6 hour lighting in the vegetative phase.  When I switch to flowering I simply flip the switch on the Heavy Duty Timer for a 12 on, 12 off lighting cycle.  The timer is easy to use and durable.
  • 6 Month of Nutrient Powders:  During the vegetative phase use HG Grow Nutrients--pre-measured packet of nutrients and essential minerals.  I mix a packet in an empty gallon milk container, shake to mix thoroughly and then use to water the plants every third day. (Days one and two I use just water)  During the flowering phase use one HG Bloom Nutrients using the same every third day protocol..  What's great about these nutrients is they seem to automatically balance to the pH level to 6.5% in most household water.
  • pH Control kit: This pH Control Kit measures and manages pH levels.  After monitoring my pH levels for six weeks, I concluded that the nutrients were doing such a great job of mainting proper pH levels that I stopped monitoring pH levels.  Your conditions may vary.
  • 3-way Adapter Extension Cords:  You get one multi-adapter extension cord for the lights so that all three of them can plug into the timer or outlet with one plug. 
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