The stated chemical composition of Stealth Hydroponics Grow, Bloom and Micro Nutrient Pack are at odds with most expert's recommended chemical composition for nutrients.  However, in practical, every day use, the Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micro are every bit as good as the products that match the expert's recommended chemical makeup.

Perhaps this is because the Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micro nutrient pack has been optimized for the Bubbleponics and Dual Spectrum CFL grow system.  Perhaps it's because the Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micor nutrient pack not only feeds your plants but it automatically adjusts the ph of your water to a level of 6.5 which everyone agrees is optimal.

nutrientsI won't say that the Stealth nutrient pack is the best there is in nutrients.  There are some amazing products out there, in the category called Advanced Nutrients, that have a lot of science behind them.  But to use these Advanced Nutrients requires a lot of monitoring and tweaking and balancing that takes out of the realm of hydroponics for dummies and catapults us into the realm of cannibus cup grower...a leap we're not ready to make at this time.

The only complaint I have against the Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micro nutrient pack is that takes a bit of work to dissolve the nutrient powder before adding it to the reservoir.  Under no circumstances add the powder directly into the reservoir and mix and add the Micro separately from the Grow or Bloom nutrient.

Stealth Hydroponics also carries a complete line of organic fertilizers plus liquid Advanced Nutrient products.


The Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micro nutrient pack has more than enough nutrients to cover your plant's nutrional requirements from planting through harvest.

There are individual packets which come with two week's worth of nutrients.  For vegetation period you use the Grow (nutrients) and Micro (essential minerals).

For the flowering period you use the Bloom (Nutrients) and Micro (essential minerals) packets.  No measuring, no complex formulas.  Just mix the powders with water and pour into the Bubbleponics resevoir.

A great feature of the Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micro nutrient pack is that is adjusts the ph of the resevoir's water supply to optimal levels (6.5 pH) automatically.

Price for one growing cycle's worth of nutrients is around $35.  Since these come in concentrated powder form, shipping costs are a lot less than liquid nutrients.

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