This is our deluxe hydroponic starter kit.  It combines a LED grow light for maximum longevity and minimal electric usage with true hydroponics in a six pot hydrotub growing area.  LED grow lights are the next big thing in hydroponics and ours has been thoroughly tested.  The 300W LED light pushes out red and blue spectrum light that is tailored for maximum plant growth. 

LED Starter Kit
            (LED Grow Lights)

The LED Starter Kit also features a hydroponics grow area which includes six-site hydrotub.  Also included:
  • Deluxe Grow Tent (48" x 23" x 60"h)
  • 300 Watt LED Grow Light with six inline exhaust fans
  • Intake Fan
  • Digital Timer
  • Air pump, airstones and tubing
  • Six-site hydro tub reservoir with six mesh pots and growing medium
  • Water pump and tubing
  • Grow, Bloom, Clone and Micro Nutrients from X Nutrients


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The included grow tent weighs in at 48" x 23" x 60"h requiring only eight square feet of floor space yet providing an outstanding 40 cubic feet of growing area.

This kit is easy to setup in under an hour and requires no tools to do so.  This hydroponics starter kit is well designed to provide years of great growing.

Total cost for complete LED hydroponics starter kit and system with 300W LED grow light, nutrients, water pump, six-site hydro tub, growing medium, air pump, air stones, grow tent, will cost you roughly $1000.  Based on medical marijuana pharmacy prices, you'll break even on the very first harvest which should be ready to smoke in as little as four months from the time you order.  After that, you pay practically nothing for electricity and nutrients.